11 Creative Jobs for Disabled People at Home

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Last updated Tuesday June 21 2022

Working from home is no longer considered odd: in fact 16% of companies are fully remote in 2022. There are also numerous companies in the UK offering work from home jobs for disabled people.  

One of the main reasons people choose to work from the comfort of their own home is the flexibility it offers them. As a disabled person, you can reap even more benefits: your home is already tailored to your specific needs, you can set your own hours in most cases, and you are able to prioritize your health when you need to.  

Working from home does however come with some drawbacks too: you may feel lonely and isolated, and you may find your work-life balance has been disrupted because you seem to be working at all times of day.  

If you are looking for creative jobs for disabled people at home that will fit your needs, take a look at the 11 we have singled out for you here.  

Writing and Editing  

If you are good with words, there are plenty of writing and editing jobs online that you will enjoy doing. From copywriting and content writing, to script writing or even authoring your own book, if you enjoy dreaming up scenarios or writing complex technical pieces: consider freelance writing as an option.  

If your grammar skills are top notch, you can also find a job as an editor or proofreader. A great job for people with disabilities.  


If you speak more than one language, getting a creative job as a translator can quickly turn into a lucrative career. You can translate both works of fiction, and medical, legal or any other more complex documentation. You can also leverage your degree to specialize in an area you are also a subject-matter expert in.  

Ideally, you always want your mother tongue to be the language you translate into, as this is when you will be most proficient.  


Working as an online tutor or teacher is another great option if you are good at explaining complex points and getting others interested in a particular topic. Math tutors are usually in high demand, but you can also teach an instrument, singing, or even cooking. 

You will need a lot of patience and a stable internet connection, as you want to be able to incorporate video calls with your students.  

Video and Audio Production 

Working in video or audio production is a great choice if you are good with Final Cut, Premier Pro, Audacity or any other editing software. You can work with small businesses who are looking for promotional videos, cut a YouTuber’s material for them, or even help create radio commercials.  

You don’t need any specific degree to start a career in video or audio editing. You can however take an online course to better understand how the software you will be using works.  


There are countless marketing jobs you can do from the comfort of your own home even if you have a disability. If you like spending time interacting with people on social media, you can manage a brand’s profile. If you have some experience or are willing to start from the bottom, you can become an SEO consultant, a marketing executive, a PPC ads manager: the list of jobs is practically endless. 

A marketing career will also demand that you stay up to date with the latest trends, so make sure you factor continual education in before you start looking for jobs in this field.  


Becoming a sales executive is another way to earn a very decent salary by working from home. If you are good with people, can approach a problem from a variety of angles and aren’t too sensitive, a career in sales can be a great choice.  

You may need to start from the bottom and be an actual sales rep, but you can work your way up to an executive position by proving you understand the target market and are able to devise complex sales strategies.  

Virtual Assistant 

Virtual assistants are always in demand, so if you don’t mind handling a large variety of errands and spending a lot of time online managing someone else’s day, this can be a great work from home job for you.  

Note that virtual assistants also may be required to work at all times of day and night, so if your schedule is not that flexible, you may want to consider a different career.  


A career in web or app development will require extensive knowledge, and isn’t a career you can become successful in overnight. However, if you are ready to take a course or have already completed one, there are numerous jobs for disabled people at home in the UK you can apply to.  

Try to specialize in a certain coding language. Understanding how HTML, CSS and Javascript work will help you get your foot in the door, and you can build on your knowledge from there.  


If you have a keen eye for detail, are excellent at drawing and can imagine various ways to communicate a message via visuals, you should consider a creative job as a designer. Whether you go down the web-based route or do graphic design for offline products, there is plenty of work available for anyone who has the right skillset. 

Creating an online portfolio is a great way to get started, as you can display your talent and get a job even if you have not held a design position before.   


Becoming a work-from-home photographer may require you to leave the house, unless you only photograph items in your home. However, if you are good with a camera, you can quickly land a job and distribute your images to various clients and brands. 

Do Your Own Thing 

Finally, you can also choose to start your own business from your home. This can be selling your crafts, launching an online course, starting a blog or a YouTube channel. Depending on what your interests and knowledge are, you can easily find a way to monetize them, with just a bit of creativity. 


If you are looking for work from home jobs for disabled people, take a look at our disabled-friendly jobs board, and find the career you have always dreamed of having.  

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Last Updated: Tuesday June 21 2022

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