Careers with Disabilities

The one-stop resource for disabled people and employers

Careers with Disabilities

The one-stop resource for disabled people and employers

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Welcome to Careers with Disabilities, where we are dedicated to the goal of ensuring accessible opportunities for all disabled people in the UK.

With the help of our large connection of UK businesses, we hope to provide guidance in making more careers accessible for all to ensure that disability is no longer a barrier in anyone’s career.

By providing businesses with all the information they need to provide jobs for disabled people, such as guides on funding or help in finding local assistance, we will make sure that no one is left behind.

For jobseekers, we have created guides to finding help in your local area, along with support for choosing the right career, to make sure you reach your future potential.

By breaking down the stigma and misunderstanding around accessibility and hiring disabled people, we can make sure that their diverse array of skills being overlooked is a thing of the past.

Did you know?


19% of working age adults are disabled (source: Scope)


The average employment rate is 28.6% lower for a disabled person compared to a non-disabled person (source: Office for National Statistics)


On average, monthly living costs are £583 higher if you’re disabled in the UK (source: Scope)


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