Careers with Disabilities

UK disability-friendly jobs board and accessible careers resource.

Careers with Disabilities

UK disability friendly jobs board and accessible careers resource.

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Some of the live jobs from disability-friendly employers include…

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Did You Know?


19% of working age adults are disabled (source: Scope)


The average employment rate is 28.6% lower for a disabled person compared to a non-disabled person (source: Office for National Statistics)


On average, monthly living costs are £583 higher if you’re disabled in the UK (source: Scope)

Careers with Disabilities is a specialist disability jobs board and careers resource dedicated to helping those living with physical and mental disabilities find accessible employment opportunities throughout the UK.

With the help of our large network of UK businesses, we provide guidance and support to make careers more accessible for all. We believe that a disability should no longer be a barrier to anyone’s career.

Employing Disabled Workers

By providing businesses with all the information they need to offer jobs for disabled people, such as promoting accessible careers opportunities, guides on funding and reasonable adjustments, we will make sure that no one is left behind.

When businesses feel confident to start employing disabled candidates, we can support you through that process. We can help you to reach candidates through our jobs board and company profiles. And we can raise awareness of your business through our featured articles and social media.

Finding Disabled Jobs

Disabled jobseekers have access to equal opportunities from inclusive employers through our Disability-Friendly Jobs Board, dedicated to breaking down the barriers to employment across the UK. We make it easy to find and apply for disabled in your area, and help you access opportunities that can be hard to find when using traditional jobseeking methods.

We have also created guides to applying for jobs and knowing your rights, along with support for choosing the right career, to make sure you reach your future potential.

Breaking the Stigma

It is estimated that nearly one billion people worldwide have some form of disability, making them the largest minority group in the world. In spite of this, disabled people continue to face discrimination and exclusion in many aspects of their lives.

By breaking down the stigma around accessibility and hiring disabled people, we can make sure that disabled people’s diverse array of skills are no longer overlooked.

We’re on a mission to change these assumptions, and prove these are based on myths and stereotypes rather than reality. In fact, disabled workers can be just as productive and capable as their non-disabled counterparts.

Too often, employers assume that disabled workers will be less productive, more expensive to employ, and more of a liability than non-disabled workers.

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