When you are looking for a job there are many services that can assist you. There are several different programmes and grants available from the government to help you look for work, secure a job and remain in employment.

  • Access to Work Scheme

    This scheme is available to those who already have a paid job, are about to start a new job or are returning to an old job.

    If help you need at work, you may be offered a grant to assist with covering the costs of added support within the workplace.

    An Access to Work grant can help pay for:

    • any special equipment adaptations or services that can help you to carry out tasks like answering the phone or attending meetings
    • help travelling to and from work

    It is important to acknowledge that eligibility for this grant will depend on what benefits you may already be receiving, but to find out more you can visit the Access to Work scheme page on the gov.uk website.

  • Intensive Personalised Employment Support

    This scheme provides one-to-one support and training from a dedicated support worker, to help you if you have a disability or health condition. Your support worker can:

    • identify what work you are able to do
    • match your skills to available jobs
    • find training to help you find work
    • build a personal support network
    • manage work around your disability or condition
    • support you throughout your first 6 months of work

    To find out more about this scheme, visit the Intensive Personalised Employment Support page on the gov.uk website.

  • Specialist Employability Support

    This service consists of intensive support and training to help you find work, and is available for individuals who find other schemes such as the access to work unsuitable for them.

    The government work with a number of organisations such as your local Jobcentre Plus, the Shaw Trust, Remploy and Kennedy Scott to provide assistance that is most suitable for you. To find out more about this scheme visit the gov.uk website here.

  • Work and Health Programme

    This scheme helps you to find and keep a job if you are out of work. This programme is voluntary unless you have been out of work and claiming unemployment benefits for 24 months and caters for a wide variety of individuals.

    You will receive personal support to:

    • identify your employment needs
    • find suitable work available to you
    • put you in contact with employers
    • help find long-term employment
    • help find training
    • help manage health problems to reduce their impact on work

    To find out more about this scheme visit the Work and Health Programme page on the gov.uk website.

  • Scope

    Scope offer online and offline employment support services for working-age disabled people in England and Wales.