Here at Careers with Disabilities, we understand that as a parent and/carer you want the best for your child or person you care for. This is why we have created this Information Hub to provide advice and guidance to support disabled people get into or remain within employment.

As a parent or carer, you play a pivotal role in their life, so understandably you will want to feel like you have the knowledge and tools in place to support them in the best way you can. Ultimately the more understanding you possess, the more assistance you can provide.

We understand that there may be additional hurdles for disabled people to secure employment. We want to work towards removing these barriers to make having a job, and a successful, thriving career accessible to everyone.

As every disability has its own unique needs, not every disabled person is going to be facing the same challenges relating to the workplace. This is why we have created the ‘Disability Hub‘ to provide further insight into the specific needs and requirements associated with a particular condition. There are many schemes and types of funding available to support disabled people in the workplace, so it is important to know which ones your child or person you care for could be entitled to.

Perhaps most importantly, it is essential to understand what rights disabled people have within the workplace. This is to ensure against any potential discrimination and provide the best opportunity for an individual to showcase their skills and experience to help them land a job. This may be with the aid of an assistant during an interview or may involve a more practical assessment depending on the strengths and requirements of an individual.

If you are a parent of a disabled person, visit our dedicated page for more information and guidance. For more information as a carer of a disabled person, visit the dedicated page here.

A girl with Down Syndrome walking between her parents and holding their hands

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