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Learning Disability Week 2021

The 14th – 20th of June is Learning Disability Week; an awareness event ran by the leading charity Mencap. This is a chance for the charity to raise awareness of learning disabilities in the UK and the impact on people’s lives. As well as raising money for their vital work ...

Monday June 14 2021|Categories: General Tips, Latest News|

Autism Employment Support for Employers

This guide will provide a range of autism employment support for employers. As more employers recognise the value of diversity in the workforce, we want more organisations to consider introducing neurodiversity. This includes being confident in employing candidates who fall on the autistic spectrum. Remember that all disabilities come with ...

Thursday May 20 2021|Categories: General Tips|

Alternative Interview Formats for Disabled Candidates

One way to be a more inclusive employer is by offering alternative interview formats. Traditional job interviews and applications can be highly exclusionary to many disabled people. They don't always accommodate various needs and abilities. Employers often don't think to offer alternative interview methods or applications because they think there ...

Thursday May 13 2021|Categories: Employer Advice|

Four STEM jobs for Disabled People at Home

In January of this year, we published a popular blog titled 'Four Creative Jobs for Disabled People at Home'. We decided to return to this idea and provide some great jobs at home for disabled people. With a focus on those who want to work in the STEM sector. STEM ...

Thursday May 6 2021|Categories: General Tips|

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