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Jobs for People with a Hearing Impairment

Living with a hearing impairment can be challenging. While some impairments occur naturally from birth and old age, others are work-related. Research conducted by The World Health Organisation shows that about 5% of the world’s population has a hearing impairment. Whatever the cause, many of these people face barriers when seeking ...

Thursday February 25 2021|Categories: Careers Advice|

World Encephalitis Day 2021

What is World Encephalitis Day? World Encephalitis day is celebrated on February 22nd as a global awareness day. Individuals and families affected by encephalitis, and organisations, come together to spread the word about this condition. World Encephalitis Day is led by the Encephalitis Society and will celebrate and honour the millions ...

Monday February 22 2021|Categories: General Tips, Latest News, Non Visible Disabilities|

11 Disability-Friendly Employers

The Equality Act 2010 legally protects people from discrimination at work and in society. Disability-friendly employers are committed to providing high standards of equality and diversity in the workplace. As a result, some companies and organisations can provide opportunities for people with disabilities, by offering anything from a short work experience placement through ...

Thursday February 18 2021|Categories: Careers Advice, General Tips, Latest News|

How to recognise disability-friendly employers?

At Careers with Disabilities, we are committed to providing people with the right support when seeking employment. We have prepared a guide that will help you recognise disability-friendly employers. Many businesses and organisations have made it a priority to open their doors to inclusivity. People with disabilities still face some ...

Monday February 8 2021|Categories: Careers Advice, General Tips|

International Epilepsy Day 2021

International Epilepsy Day is an event every year which promotes awareness of epilepsy. People come together to highlight the challenges that individuals with epilepsy face at work and in their lives. Even though it has been one of the world’s most known medical conditions for many years, public fear and ...

Monday February 8 2021|Categories: Latest News, Non Visible Disabilities|

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