Finding a career if you have a disability can be a challenging and sometimes overwhelming experience. Around 1 in 5 people in the UK are disabled; Careers with Disabilities aims to provide the support, resources and advice people with a disability may need to achieve career success and reach their future potential.

The barriers you face are most likely specific to the disability you have. Careers with Disabilities recognises the variety of obstacles people with a disability must overcome in the job hunting and application processes, as well as during your time in employment.

Alongside our website filled with the guidance and information you need to succeed in your career, including career opportunities, grants and assistance with finding help in your area, we have created a useful resource hub. We aim to provide all people with disabilities a way to simply access all resources they need to reach their future potential.

We also understand the difficulties employers may face when hiring someone with a disability and supporting them in the workplace. We have dedicated pages to help businesses become disability-friendly employers, information on the benefits of employing a disabled person and the range of funding available.


Aimed at both people with a disability and their employers, our glossary will help you get to grips with a range of technical terminology.

Our glossary provides simple definitions of the complicated terms you may be struggling to wrap your head around.

Document Library

Our document library will provide support to people with a disability who are searching for employment. Here you will find essential tips, hints and the advice needed to create a stand-out CV and cover letter.

We understand that certain people with a disability may need extra help and support when applying for a job. Our document library provides simple information, which is easy to understand and navigate.

The document library is also a useful resource for those who are caring for someone with a disability wanting to support their career journey.

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