Here at Careers with Disabilities, we recognise that different types of employers will have drastically different needs and guidance. With inclusion being one of the key tenets of our company ethos, we want to provide assistance tailored to each company size.

For example, an SME may feel daunted at the prospect of making their workplace accessible and assume it is only possible for a larger enterprise. However, by knowing you have equal opportunity to have all adjustments paid for by the government through Access to Work you can feel confident hiring a disabled person.

The economic impact of COVID-19 on an already rapidly changing economy has meant that no business can afford to overlook potential in their candidate pool. With 20% of the working population of the UK being disabled, you need to be accessible or else you will lose the top candidates to your competition.

Make other businesses’ loss your gain. In today’s market, you can’t avoid potential ways of improving your workforce.

Use our dedicated guides for each of the employer types to find your way.

For SMEs

We recognise that SMEs don’t have the same time or resources to be innovating or taking risks. That’s why we do all the legwork for you, so you can be confident about taking steps to make your workplace more accessible. In turn, you will open your company up to a wider pool of candidates and outdo your competitors.

For Large Enterprises

Although the pandemic may have reduced some of your potential, the public still expects companies like yours to lead the way on setting social examples. This may seem like a challenge, but through our bespoke guidance and support, you’ll recognise that becoming accessible will only improve your company’s performance.

For the Public Sector

Finding and hiring capable staff with disabilities isn’t so much the priority. Instead, encouraging your current staff to disclose their disabilities so you can provide greater support is your main task.

If you can think of any guidance or support you would like more information on, use our suggestion tool at the bottom of the page, and we will endeavour to develop it as soon as possible.

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