Large enterprises bear the burden of social responsibility within the business community. Through Careers with Disabilities, making your company accessible isn’t a burden, but an opportunity.

We are looking to connect businesses with the best candidates, and are providing all the information and guidance to help them reach their future potential, together.

By being a large enterprise, you have likely hired disabled people before, but you may not know how you could save a lot of money whilst doing so. There are tens of thousands of pounds to be claimed for every time you make your company more accessible if you know how to access it.

We recognise that different size companies have significantly different needs and approaches to employing staff. Your extra time and resources give you far more scope to identify the best approaches and people to ensure your company operates better than anyone else in the UK market.

Here are some tips for hiring a disabled person as a large enterprise:

Social Responsibility

Disabled people find it twice as hard as their non-disabled counterpart to find a job. By making your company accessible, you are advertising your company as a socially responsible enterprise.

Studies show that the public prefers and are even more likely to purchase services or products from a company that hires disabled staff. In addition to this, non-disabled employees will recognise your businesses as having a supportive and accommodating workplace.

In turn, you are more likely to hire better candidates due to your company culture having an improved reputation. Given the state of the global economy, you need to take every opportunity you can to access the top talent out there, and this is something you can be proud to advertise.

There are now multiple ways to do this, too, with numerous charters or systems of accreditation for employers who support disabled staff. Even the government has a scheme, called the Disability Confident Campaign in which they encourage you to advertise as being ‘Disability Confident’.

Lots of Funding

The government has endeavoured to eradicate the costs for businesses to make their workplace accessible, and in turn, end the barriers for disabled people to reach their future potential. This scheme is called Access to Work and can provide you with up to £60,700 per year per employee.

Although the government will be covering all the costs of making your workplace accessible, your efforts alone will bring a long list of benefits. Some smaller enterprises may feel like they don’t have the time to be dealing with these changes and applications, but you have the opportunity to utilise this scheme to the full.

Long Term Planning

As a large enterprise, you have the time and resources to plan for the future. Due to the large number of employers who wrongfully overlook potential candidates because their own workplace is inaccessible, you can outmanoeuvre the competition.

Studies show that this neglect by many traditional employment channels has made disabled employees far more loyal than their non-disabled counterparts. This improves staff retention over the long term for all of your staff, as they listen when their colleagues appreciate the opportunities your company has provided them.

Around 20% of the working population are disabled, many of them acquiring these disabilities during their careers. As such, you can find and retain the top candidates that other companies overlook.

For more information on hiring a disabled person, you should read our advice on the different kinds of disabilities and help in finding any local assistance for your business.

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