Return to Work After Cancer

Returning to work after cancer is not an easy task for anyone. Many people may find the mere thought of returning to work after a cancer-related absence daunting and anxiety-producing.

At Careers with Disabilities, we believe that everyone should be supported, regardless of what they are dealing with or have gone through. We believe that the right support can make all the difference when it comes to working with a disability or illness, or indeed recovery from an illness.

How you manage your return to work after cancer and what kind of job/employer you return to can make a significant difference. On this page, we will discuss how you can do this to your best advantage.

Gentle Returns to Work after Cancer

After you have had cancer and cancer treatment, you will need a gentle return to work. Rushing back too quickly or throwing yourself in at the deep end can leave you feeling exhausted and unwell very soon. This will most likely lead to more absences in the future and general ill health.

It is important to recognise that you have been through something very significant and you deserve to take things at your own pace.

Having a phased return, working flexible hours, or working from home can all be very worthwhile options for people returning to work after having had cancer. These options can allow you to have the work-life balance that you need and can allow you to re-enter the workplace in a safe and manageable way.

Luckily, there are more of these flexible working options out there than ever before. Looking on accessible job boards, like ours on Careers with Disabilities, can help you find the right opportunity with a gentle re-approach.

The Benefits of Disclosure to Employers

When it comes to returning to work after cancer, either to a job you had before or to a new position, you might be unsure about whether to disclose your experiences or not. Especially if you are currently cancer-free, you may not feel that you want to share all that you have gone through.

However, disclosing your health situation to an employer can be a very worthwhile thing to do. If your employer is aware of your situation, they can more appropriately support you and offer you reasonable adjustments that will make your job safer and more appropriate. It is always worth giving your employer the chance rather than assuming that they won’t be able to help you in any way.

Finding an Accessible Employer

Something that can make a monumental difference to how your experience of returning to work goes is the employer you work for. If you can work for an inclusive, Disability-Friendly, accessible and diverse employer, you are far more likely to get the support and modifications you need at work.

Working for someone who is willing to listen to what you need and provide the right accommodations can be life-changing. Especially when you have dealt with something as challenging and disruptive as cancer. You deserve the right treatment from the right employer.

If you want to find this inclusivity and accessibility right here in the U.K., check out our list of company profiles on Careers with Disabilities. Then, check out the jobs they are offering on our Disability-Friendly live job board.

You might just find the perfect job opportunity for you.

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