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Diversity & Ability

D&A supports employees, students, organisations and social justice projects to create inclusive cultures.
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Diversity and Ability is an award-winning disabled-led social enterprise paving the way for a future where everyone is welcomed and included. We inform, educate and advocate.

With 85% of our staff identifying as neurodiverse or disabled, we believe that peer-to-peer support, delivered by those with shared lived experiences, has the potential to make life-changing differences. Our support is tailored to the unique needs of the individual ensuring it’s genuinely empowering. We are particularly keen to highlight the importance of an authentic, intersectional approach to supporting disabled people.

We believe learning differences arise from natural human diversity, as opposed to ‘deficit’ models of understanding disability. We celebrate different learning styles, and the important contributions neurodiversity makes in society.

We are a team of like-minded yet diverse people, sharing a passion for social change and educational innovation in the form of enabling technologies and strategies. Made up predominantly of end users, our staff have first hand experience using the tools and tricks they teach, and they really care about the individuals they work with.

Inclusivity statement

By name and by nature, diversity is at the very heart of what we do at Diversity and Ability (D&A). Our work strives to highlight the inherent value diversity brings to our society, harnessing difference and celebrating it.

At D&A, we believe that it is important to reflect and represent the diversity found in our society, and that starts with our own team. We believe our organisation is richer for the diversity present among our team members and it makes us better at what we do. Our varied lived experiences, skills and knowledge facilitate a meaningful and authentic dialogue with our partners and clients.

We uphold to always respect, welcome and value diversity in all its forms, and will continue to anticipate the work we need to do to be inclusive. We seek to build on the pillars of the Equality Act 2010, and ensure that D&A is a workplace where people can ‘belong’, feel heard and included. We commit to challenge discrimination head on, should it ever arise, and protect the dignity and safety of all of our team members at all times.

We will endeavour to support everyone within the D&A community, both through anticipatory systemic changes and individualised support, ongoing training and opportunities for personal and professional development as well as promoting a culture of openness and kindness.

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