7 Disabled Jobs with Charities in the UK

Written by Calvin Bowers
Last updated Monday June 6 2022

The charity sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the UK. The number of disabled people on disability benefits has increased by 62% since 2007, so disabled job seekers are increasingly being drawn to charities for employment opportunities. Careers with Disabilities supports disabled jobseekers to find the best opportunities in the UK, and here we provide seven examples of disabled jobs with charitable organisations in the UK and why you should consider a charity job as your next role.

Why Consider a Charity Job

Last year, there we over 5000 disabled jobs with charities in the UK. A charity job is unique because it provides a diverse range of opportunities to work for an organisation that has social responsibility at its core. If you are disabled, working for a charity is a fantastic way to give back and help disabled people. Disabled job seekers can be drawn to working for charities because they improve social responsibility and allow them to make a difference by giving back to their disabled community.

One of the best things about working in a charity is that it promotes diversity and inclusion, which are at the heart of charitable organisations. Disabled people provide excellent value to these companies because they have unique skillsets due to disability that can often be beneficial for certain roles within charities. Most disabled people will always say how much they enjoy working in the charity sector, even if their disabled jobs are low-paid.

7 Charity Jobs in the UK

Benefits advisor: This role works closely with disabled people who need financial support, and they aim to help these disabled people improve their quality of life.

Charity events coordinator: This disabled role involves organising special charity fundraising events for disabled children or adults that are organised by the organisation they work for.

Care worker: A disabled care worker provides support, companionship and assistance to disabled individuals who need it during day-to-day activities such as washing, dressing and eating.

Fundraiser: disabled fundraisers are responsible for developing strategies to get disabled people involved in charity events that they can physically take part in.

IT support worker: This disabled job involves providing computer or technical support for disabled employees who need help with their work equipment. The role of an IT support worker often involves setting up disabled people’s work equipment and teaching these disabled employees how to use it.

Office manager: An office manager works closely with a disabled charity’s general managers, trustees or other senior management team members in order to coordinate the overall running of their organisation.

Personal assistant: A personal assistant provides support for disabled individuals who need assistance with day-to-day activities such as self-care, getting around or socialising. This disabled role is usually closely involved in the disabled person’s life and works on a one to one basis.

Careers with Disabilities is dedicated to providing access to employment opportunities and disabled jobs for workers throughout the UK. For further support, visit our Disability Advice Hub and our dedicated disabled jobs board for live opportunities for disabled jobseekers near you.

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Last Updated: Monday June 6 2022

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