Which Companies Hire Disabled People?

Written by Calvin Bowers
Last updated Tuesday February 15 2022

We understand that finding a job as a disabled person can be tricky, but by law, all businesses and employers should treat job applicants equally, regardless as to whether they are disabled or not.

The Disability Confidence scheme can help you identify employers who are committed to improving how they attract, recruit and retain disabled workers.

There are three levels to the scheme as follows:

Level 1: Disability Confident Committed

To be approved at level 1, employers must agree to the disability confident commitments and work to implement them within 12 months. Alongside this they also need to offer a work opportunity to a disabled person.

Level 2: Disability Confident Employer

To be approved at level 2 the employer needs to demonstrate they are actively looking to recruit disabled people. They must also show that they are supporting disabled employees within their organisation and making reasonable adjustments if required.

Level 3: Disability Confident Leader

To be approved at level 3 the employer will be independently evaluated to see if they are meeting the criteria to become a Disability Confident Leader. This involves demonstrating they are encouraging and supporting other employers to become Disability Confident.

With this in mind, lets look at the top 10 disability-inclusive employers in 2018 ranked by VERCIDA:

  1. Network Rail
    Network Rail was rated as the top disability inclusive employer in 2018. They became a Disability Confident leader influencing others within their local and business community, supply chain and networks to become Disability Confident.
  2. Channel 4
    Channel 4 have a disability network called 4Purple to encourage conversation and education around disabilities in their workplace. They host events throughout the year to raise awareness and aspire to provide an open space for employees to speak about their experiences.
  3. Environment Agency
    The Environment Agency created the Mobilise Network to identify and review all the adjustments that may be required to help disabled employees do their work. They also have the ambition to be the top employer in the UK for equality, diversity and inclusion.
  4. Aviva
    Aviva has the goal of increasing awareness and acceptance of visible and invisible disabilities. They have been running interactive workshops to help educate employees on online accessibility an inclusive design.
  5. Bank of England
    The Bank of England have a Disability Network who meet regularly to discuss matters relating to workplace accessibility, career development, safety and recruitment of disabled staff.
  6. UK Athletics
    Approved as a Disability Confident Leader, UK athletics hosts meetings and training programmes to ensure all of their staff are disability aware.
  7. Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
    BEIS are committed to making reasonable adjustments to make their workplace accessible for staff with disabilities. BEIS have also been approved as a Disability Confident Leader alongside working in partnership with the Business Disability Forum
  8. Lloyds Banking Group
    Lloyds is recognised a leading employer by the Business Disability Forum. They run a ground-breaking Workplace Adjustment Scheme that has helped over 18,000 employees.
  9. Aon
    Aon strives to raise awareness and support for disabled people in their workplace. They have groups that meet regularly to develop the improvement of recruitment and retention of disabled workers and discuss ways they can provide support.
  10. Allianz
    Allianz UK has the vision to inspire a better world for disabled people through sport. Allianz UK are also Disability Confident Employers and work along the Business Disability Forum to provide further support to their disabled employees.

If you would like further information relating to finding a job, financial support and your rights in the workplace, go to our Careers with Disabilities homepage.

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Last Updated: Tuesday February 15 2022

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