What is the Disability Confident Scheme?

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Last updated Thursday February 17 2022

Disability Confident is a government scheme which encourages businesses to create accessible and inclusive workplaces. All UK-registered businesses are eligible to join; almost 20,000 businesses are part of the Disability Confident Scheme, with more joining every day.

Careers with Disabilities are committed to disabled inclusivity and accessibility in our workforce; we recently took the steps to become registered as Disability Confident Committed. This is the first level of our Disability Confident journey; we will be updating our readers as we progress with the scheme. We want to help answer common questions or uncertainties about the scheme and how it can benefit your business.

What is the Disability Confident Scheme?

Through Disability Confident, tens of thousands of employers are challenging the stigma and attitudes towards disabilities. These employers are demonstrating their commitment to removing barriers to disabled people securing and maintaining employment. They work to ensure that disabled people have equal opportunities to fulfil their role successfully and reach their future potential.

Will Disability Confident Benefit My Business?

We encourage all employers to browse our guide on the benefits of hiring disabled staff. Becoming a Disability Confident employer will help your business in numerous ways. By joining the scheme, you will be taking the right steps towards:

Recruiting from the broadest possible pool of talent

Disabled people are a diverse group of people, with many outstanding skills and experience. Disabled people make up 20% of the UK’s workforce. If your business is not actively attracting and recruiting disabled people then every time you look to employ new staff you are reducing the candidate pool by one fifth.

Secure high-quality employees who are skilled and hard-working

Employers that look at disabled people in terms of their valuable skills, attributes and qualities are more likely to have a competitive edge in their industry.

Improve employee morale, commitment and loyalty

By demonstrating your commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, you are making your workers, customers, and other businesses aware that your company treats all employees fairly.

How Can My Business Register?

The Disability Confident scheme has three levels of support to see employers through every stage of the journey to becoming disability-inclusive. Employers must complete each level before qualifying to move on to the next.

The first level of the scheme is Disability Confident Committed. It is a simple and straightforward process to qualify at this level. Importantly, employers must agree to the Disability Confident commitments and identify at least one action that you’ll carry out to make a difference for disabled people.

After successfully registering as Disability Confident Committed, businesses can progress up to the next levels known as Employer and Leader. Careers with Disabilities can help employers fulfil the commitments needed to progress through the scheme. In particular, for employers keen to progress from Disability Confident Committed to Disability Confident Employer, using our directory and job board service will demonstrate your business is:

  • Actively attracting and recruiting disabled people to help fill opportunities
  • Advertising vacancies and other opportunities through organisations and media aimed particularly at disabled people To register your business, visit the government website.

How Does Disability Confident Help Disabled Jobseekers?

If you are a disabled person looking for work, then applying for positions at a Disability Confident business is a great choice. These businesses have committed to inclusivity and accessibility, meaning you can be sure that you will receive the support you need to thrive in the workplace. The Careers with Disabilities employer directory and jobs board service is the perfect way to find your dream job.

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Last Updated: Thursday February 17 2022

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