The 5 Best Jobs for Disabled People

Written by Zoe Cresswell
Last updated Thursday February 17 2022

In today’s society, people with disabilities are getting more and more opportunities to participate in the workforce. In fact, many disabled people have been able to find jobs that they excel at because of their disabilities. This article will explore the ten best jobs for disabled people. We’ll give you a list of some of the best disability employment opportunities available to those who find themselves in that category and tell you why they may be good jobs for someone with disabilities to consider. 


There are many different kinds of counsellors, but one thing they often have in common is that they draw on their own experiences to relate to their clients. So why not use your understanding of being disabled to help others with disabilities through school, work or just their general day to day lives. 

Accountant / Bookkeeper  

If you’re good with numbers, accounting or bookkeeping could be a good fit for you. Depending on the type of accounting you get into, it can bring a sizeable wage, and you benefit from being able to work from anywhere, making your workday easier without the commute. 

Call Centre Agent 

Many people with physical disabilities or visual impairments find themselves going into a career in a call centre due to the non-physical nature of the job. Call centres use switchboards so a visual impairment wouldn’t affect your work, while your sharp listening skills would help you excel in the role. You don’t need any specific qualifications for this job, so if you’re looking for a job you can start immediately, this could be ideal for you. 

Landscaper / Groundskeeping Worker 

If your disability is not physical but is instead speech, Intellectual or mental health-related, then perhaps becoming a landscaper or groundskeeper could suit you. Due to the jobs physical nature, speech and language impairments do not affect the quality of your work. For people who struggle with mental health or intellectual disabilities, working outdoors in nature could be therapeutic and provide some relief. 

Photographer / Artist  

An option that could be ideal for people with speech or hearing impairments or intellectual, learning or mental health disorders is a role as a photographer or artist. Both of these professions can be highly therapeutic and will allow you to embrace your creativity and talent. 

Although the list above gives some great job ideas for disabled people to consider, there are many jobs available to disabled job seekers. Now that the market is more welcoming to disabled job seekers, it’s easier than ever to find a job suited to your strengths, and it’s much less likely that you’ll be turned away based on your disability.  

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Last Updated: Thursday February 17 2022

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