10 Work From Home Jobs For Disabled People

Written by Zoe Cresswell
Last updated Thursday February 17 2022

Looking for work from home jobs that are suitable for disabled people? You’re not alone. It can be tough to find a job when you have a disability, and it’s even tougher to find one that is compatible with your needs. But there are plenty of work-from-home jobs available for people with disabilities. This article will take a look at ten different work from home jobs for disabled people, so no matter what disability you have there should be something on the list below that fits the bill. 

1. Translator 

If you know a second language then a job as a translator could be ideal for you. Since you already know the language, you’ll have nothing new to learn so getting started shouldn’t be too tricky. Roles like these can involve translating documents such as eBooks and articles from one language to another 

2. Administrative Assistant 

If you’re a disabled person who is good with computers and has excellent organisational skills, then being an administrative assistant may be the perfect work from home job for you. As an administrative assistant, your duties will include answering phone calls, handling customer inquiries, and organising files. You’ll need to be able to type quickly and accurately to excel in this role.  

3. Marketing Manager 

If you have a disability that doesn’t prevent you from using the internet, then becoming an online marketing manager may be perfect for your needs. As with any type of work-from-home job, you’ll need to find out if this opportunity requires certain certifications or licenses before applying. If not, there are plenty of free resources online that can help you get started in this field. 

4. Transcriptionist 

If you have excellent typing skills and a good ear for accents, then transcription may be the perfect work from home job for you. Transcriptionists are responsible for listening to audio recordings and transcribing them into written documents. This is a great job for people who have a lot of patience and can work independently. 

5. Proofreader 

If you’re someone who has an eye for detail and is meticulous in their work, then proofreading may be the perfect job for you. As a proof-reader, your job will be to read through written documents and correct any errors that are present. This is a great job for people who are detail-oriented and have a good understanding of grammar.  

6. Freelance Writer 

If you’re an experienced writer, then freelancing may be the perfect work from home job for you. As a freelance writer, you’ll be responsible for writing articles, blog posts, and other types of written content for clients. The best part about this job is that you can decide when and how much work to take on. 

7. Customer Service Representative 

If you have experience in customer service, then becoming a work from home customer service representative may be perfect for you. Working as a CSR involves being available for phone calls and responding to emails so that customers can get help with their orders or resolve any complaints they may have. This is a great job for people who are patient and good at problem-solving. 

8. Data Entry Clerk 

If you’re someone who is good with computers and has a fast-typing speed, then data entry may be the perfect work from home job for you. As a data entry clerk, your duties will include entering data into spreadsheets or databases. This is a great job for people who want to work from home but don’t want to have a completely independent role. 

9. Web Developer 

If you have experience in web development, then becoming a work from home web developer may be the perfect job for you. As a web developer, your duties will include designing and building websites, creating graphics and logos, and coding HTML and CSS. This is a great job for people who are creative and have an eye for detail. 

10. Tutor  

If you’re good at teaching and explaining subjects to other people, then becoming a work from home tutor may be the perfect job for you. Tutors are responsible for giving lessons via Skype or in-person so that students can learn new skills like reading, writing, math, etc. This is a great job for people who want flexible hours since it’s up to you how many classes you take on. 

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Last Updated: Thursday February 17 2022

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