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MS (Multiple Sclerosis) is a lifelong condition that affects a person’s central nervous system. There are lots of different symptoms that people with MS experience, including both visible and invisible symptoms. The most common symptoms include vision problems, issues with mobility, vertigo, fatigue, and problems with both mental health and cognition.

The condition is one that deteriorates over time, however, there is more and more treatment available for those with MS every year and research continues to be done regarding how to manage the condition.

MS is thought to affect over 130,000 people every year, with 7,000 new diagnoses each year, and it is considered a disability that is protected under The Equality Act 2010.

Can You Work with MS?

The employment rate for MS is around 41%, compared to 81% of able-bodied people,  but charities such as The MS Society and companies such as us, Careers with Disabilities, want to see a change in these numbers.

It isn’t a case that people with MS don’t want to work or that they all aren’t able to. That we are sure you know already.

It is, instead, the case that there is not enough adequate support out there for people with MS and more needs to be done to help people with the condition enter the workforce and stay there. With the right support, things could be so much easier for thousands of people across the U.K.

The answer is yes, you can work with MS. You simply need the right employer and the right job. Both of which are able to offer you the right support to manage your condition at work.

What are Good Jobs for People with MS?

Good jobs for people with MS will be those that can offer flexibility. Remote jobs, part-time jobs, and jobs with flexi-time are all good options for people with unpredictable health conditions.

All sectors should be able to offer these types of jobs and all employers should offer Reasonable Adjustments so that you are able to carry out your work with your condition.

Working from home is a Reasonable Adjustment and you can read our blog on why we believe working from home has so much to offer for people with disabilities in 2022 and beyond, MS included.

Where Can I Find a Job If I Have MS?

If you have MS and you want to find the right job for your condition, check out our disability-friendly job board where you can search for the exact job to work for you, long-term.

You can also take a look at our guides on how to find accessible employers that will offer you the support you need. Picking the right employer can make a huge difference when it comes to your health and happiness in employment.

If you have any more questions, get in contact with us at Careers with Disabilities directly.

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