Jobs for Blind People

Being blind makes it harder to find a job. There are many jobs blind people won’t be able to do due to safety, both for themselves and others, and this can be upsetting and challenging for many people.

Studies have shown that there are blind and partially-sighted people who work in every major sector of employment in the U.K. However, there are still many barriers that prevent blind people from working as much as they want to. Research has found that only 1 in 3 blind or visually impaired person(s) are in employment, and many blind people need to leave their jobs every year due to their sight loss.

Much of this comes down to a lack of support and availability of the resources that blind people need to work.

Can I Work If I Am Blind?

While finding a job as a blind person can be challenging, that doesn’t mean that it is impossible, and blind people across the U.K. are proving this fact every year.

So, the answer to this question is, absolutely! There are people who work in a wide range of jobs across the country even though they are blind or partially sighted, and you can too.

Blind people can do the same jobs, for the most part, that non-visually-impaired people do, just with some extra help and equipment.

Disabled people in general can work in the same jobs that non-disabled people do, they simply need the right tools to help them work on an even keel. Every employer should be making Reasonable Adjustments so that disabled employees can work the same jobs as anyone else.

What Jobs Can Blind People Do?

There are many roles and jobs that blind people can do. Reports show that many blind people work in administration roles, but they certainly aren’t limited to these roles alone.

There are blind people who are self-employed, who work in IT, who are politicians, journalists, writers, teachers, and so on and so forth.

All it takes is access to the right tools and resources.

One of the most important things, therefore, when you are blind and trying to find a job, is looking for the best possible employer. You need an accessible, disability-friendly employer who is equipped to employ people with disabilities and equipped to provide what they need to work.

If you can find an employer who is ready, willing, and able to support you, things can be much easier and much more stable.

Where Can I Find the Best Jobs for Blind People?

If you want to find jobs from inclusive and accessible employers, you can check out our disability-friendly job board. Our job board only has jobs that are accessible to disabled people. You can use the tools to find one that will be perfect for you.

If you want to know more about your rights and about the Reasonable Adjustments you can request, you can read our specialized guides on Careers with Disabilities.

You can also get in touch with us directly to find out more about how we can help and guide you into employment.

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