How to Recognise Disability-Friendly Employers?

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Last updated Friday March 25 2022

At Careers with Disabilities, we are committed to providing people with the right support when seeking employment. We have prepared a guide that will help you recognise disability-friendly employers.

Many businesses and organisations have made it a priority to open their doors to inclusivity. People with disabilities still face some challenges that can make job hunting and interviews hard.

Looking for Disability Confident Organisations

Disability Confident is a Government scheme that encourages businesses to take extra steps to promote inclusivity towards people with disabilities in the workplace.

Disability Confident organisations go through an evaluation process. They demonstrate their commitment to providing support for people with disabilities. The assessment is based on the behaviour and culture of businesses, together with their network and community.

The Disability Confident scheme’s motivation is to get more people with disabilities and long-term health conditions into work and reduce the disability employment gap between the number of people with disabilities compared with the rest of the population.

For instance, organisations like Citizens Advice are part of the Disability Confident scheme.

For further information about the Disability Confident scheme, you can visit the Government website.

What are the Signs of a Disability-Friendly Employer?

When looking for a disability-friendly employer, you could pay attention to what an organisation might offer to potential candidates. In particular, inclusive employers tend to provide their employees with the opportunity to undertake:

  • Work experience
  • Apprenticeships
  • Traineeships
  • Student opportunities
  • Sector-based work academy placements

Support and Resources

We have put together a list of resources that will guide you through your research and help you recognise disability-friendly employers:

  • Careers with Disabilities Disabled Jobs Board and Company Profiles Page – in our jobs board and directory you will be able to search for jobs posted by organisations and businesses who are committed to promoting inclusivity in their workplace. Furthermore, all employers on our company profiles page are required to state whether they are part of the Disability Confident scheme and at which level.
  • Scope – a disability equality charity that provides practical information and emotional support through their helpline, online community, engagement programmes, and more.
  • Disability Rights UK – an organisation led by people with diverse experiences of disability and health conditions, from different communities. Indeed, they are committed to providing support in finding careers and living independently while influencing public attitudes and behaviours.
  • The Government website – here is where you can find a full list of employers who have signed up to the Disability Confident scheme and their status.

Disclosing a disability to employers enables them to make reasonable adjustments at work for you. For further information, read our page about how to disclose a disability to employers.

For further support on finding a career that suits your disability, have a read of our disability advice hub, and visit our disabled jobs board for opportunities with inclusive employers in the UK.

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Last Updated: Friday March 25 2022

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