4 STEM jobs for Disabled People at Home

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Last updated Tuesday May 3 2022

In January of this year, we published a popular blog titled ‘11 Creative Jobs for Disabled People at Home‘. We decided to return to this idea and provide some great jobs at home for disabled people. With a focus on those who want to work in the STEM sector.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths; because of the practical nature of many of these subjects, often STEM jobs require you to work on-site. However, this year has proved that people are able to do many STEM careers from home.

Working from home is very popular among the disabled community as it allows much more flexibility. And it means that people who need additional assistance don’t have to worry about whether an office can cater to your needs. 

STEM Jobs For Disabled People at Home 

Technician and Technical Support 

The T in STEM stands for Technology, which covers a vast and broad array of careers and jobs. Luckily, most tech jobs are completed over a computer, which means they can be done from anywhere. One popular technology-based job is being a technician or somebody that provides technical support to others. You may work for a company that makes and provides software, which needs a technician to help people install and troubleshoot any problems they have. 

STEM Tutoring 

Here at Careers with Disabilities, we have consistently spoken about the benefits of tutoring as a job to do from home. Both children and adults all over the UK rely on extra learning support through tutoring, much of which is done online. If you have a degree in a STEM subject and want to share that knowledge with others, all from the comfort of your home, then tutoring could be an excellent path for you. Many tutors work as part of an agency or organisation, but you may also prefer to work for yourself.

Coding and Software Engineers 

Over the last year, many jobs that were previously in an office have become remote. However, it can be easy to forget that some careers have been remote and able to do from home for many years. One such career is coding and software engineers. Software developers, or coders, develop computer software and programmes in a huge variety of industries such as healthcare, media, gaming, and finance.

Freelance Accountant 

A freelance accountant does the same work as a standard accountant, but instead of working for a large organisation, you work for yourself and have a portfolio of clients you manage. Usually, your clients will be small businesses and self-employed people who don’t want to pay to have a full-time accountant. As an accountant, you will manage your clients’ cash flow, focusing on what they spend and earn.

For further support on finding a career that suits your disability, have a read of our disability advice hub, and visit our disabled jobs board for opportunities with inclusive employers in the UK.

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Last Updated: Tuesday May 3 2022

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