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Last updated Friday March 25 2022

Careers with Disabilities are excited to announce the launch of our business directory and jobs board. Our website now provides a practical method for disabled candidates to connect with inclusive employers.

The primary purpose of Careers with Disabilities is to provide support, guidance and up-to-date information to disabled jobseekers and employers across the UK. Our website is full of employment advice, including career opportunities, grants and schemes, and how to find help in your area. Alongside these essential resources, we identified the need to offer disabled jobseekers and inclusive employers a practical method to connect.

Employers often struggle to connect with disabled candidates. It can be difficult for disabled jobseekers to quickly identify which employers commit to inclusive and accessible policies via conventional job searching websites. This is why the Careers with Disabilities employer directory and jobs board differ from traditional job board sites on a number of grounds.

The Careers with Disabilities jobs board is specifically tailored for disabled jobseekers. Our specialist features include:

  • Enabling disabled jobseekers to easily identify which employers are Disability Confident through our directory profiles.
  • Offering disabled jobseekers the chance to read about an organisation’s accessibility commitments, inclusive policies and diversity goals.
  • Up-to-date guidance, support and advice to ensure job searching goes as smoothly as possible. This includes tips on CV writing, cover letter writing, and how to excel in an interview.

Information for Employers

Careers with Disabilities encourages all employers to get in touch with our team to learn more about how our company profiles and jobs board could help your organisation in reaching your diversity goals. Additionally, our services can support employers that are looking to progress with their Disability Confident journey.

Our employer directory and jobs board are launching at a crucial turning point. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the disabled workforce has been tremendous; one-quarter of disabled people report they fear losing their job. We created Careers with Disabilities as part of a solution to this problem.

It is time to prioritise the disabled workforce in our economy. Employers must make a conscious effort to connect to a greater number of disabled candidates; Careers we Disabilities are here to provide a platform for all businesses to achieve this. For businesses looking for advice and support, take the time to explore our dedicated employer pages, including information on funding and ways to become disability-friendly.

Get in Touch with Our Team

We are happy to take this next step in supporting disabled jobseekers and employers. To browse our new features, visit our company profiles page and jobs board now. If you are an employer interested in being part of our business directory or jobs board, please get in touch via our contact form.

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Last Updated: Friday March 25 2022

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